3 Years Later

I just remembered that I have this blog. Three years later. And to my surprise I remembered my log in information. That never happens.

So, here is a recap of the last three years.

-I hurt my knee & had three surgeries.

-After the 3rd surgery I was diagnosed with CRPS.

-I slowly stopped ebay since I couldn’t walk far.

-The CRPS spread to all four limbs.

-A lot of treatments

-Celebrating our 12, 13 & 14th year anniversaries!

-I turned 36

-I came to the conclusion that my diet directly affected my health and gave up milk in any form.

-More recently (about 3 months ago), I gave up processed foods & sugars. I gave up diet soda and anything artificial.

-I now eat raw fruit, raw veggies, raw nuts, raw seeds, extra virgin coconut or olive oil, raw local honey & organic chicken. That is about all. And it has helped with some of my pain.

-My father-in-law passed away.

-We sold his home.

-My sister got married at the justice of the peace! (I weighed about 155lbs at the time)

-I shut down my ebay store.

-We sold our home.

-My sister had a “real” wedding and reception. (I weighed about 132lbs at the time)

-We rented a home on my favorite island in the world for 6 months.

-My husband is now a retirement community singer and is booked almost solid for the next year.

-We found a villa just 8 miles from my favorite beach in the US and moved.

-Disability due to the CRPS.

-Treatment after treatment failed including the most recent one in January. That one left me with a depersonalization disorder & panic attacks. Yup, fun stuff.

-My weight has now settled around 135-140lbs thanks to eating healthy.

I think that brings “you” (or future me) up to date. I am still married to the most wonderful man who is encouraging and supporting me through life.


September 26, 2013 Check-In

Two weeks ago I had my third surgery to my left knee. I had injured it in 2011 and had two surgeries in 2012. This one was to fix a torn ACL and clean up what was remaining of my meniscus.

I am in a full leg brace for a month. I’m about half way in and I am looking forward to having it off! I cannot drive and it hurts to walk. I really thought I would gain weight since I am sitting around most of the day.

But when I weighed in, I was 137. I was happily surprised by this. My ultimate goal weight is 135 and I am SO close!

Just a quick update – I am 139 lbs!

I have been eating healthier since my last post. I have cut out all milk products and anything made with milk. I have found that my stomach is sick when I eat milk casein (the protein in milk). I am eating more fruits & veggies. I tried going Vegan for a bit but found it was too hard for me since I don’t eat many veggies (just carrots & lettuce). I added back in lean grilled chicken and am feeling much better.


I weighed in at 138 lbs the other day but seem to be around 139lbs today. I am thrilled. I am 5’8″ and 139 lbs is a great weight for me. I am a size 4 or 6 depending on the brand. My measurements are 36 bust (about a 32DD), 27.5″ waist and my hips are 36″. Thankfully I carry my weight evenly.


My hubby & I are headed to Grand Cayman in April of 2013 (just four months away!) and I am excited to try swimsuits on this year. Last year I as a size 8/10 and this year I am hoping to still be a size 4/6.

I made it – 142 lbs.

Well…the scale officially read 142.4 lbs a few weeks ago. I was absolutely thrilled! I haven’t been this light in about 6 years.

My husband & I went to Ireland and we just got back. Over the 2 weeks or so, I gained back 3 pounds. Not bad considering Ireland doesn’t have a lot of the “healthy” food I eat. I couldn’t find pre-made grilled chicken nor could I find raw spinach leaves for salad. Seriously…simple stuff was hard to find over there. And so I ate a lot of potatoes and pasta.

My new goal is 139.9 lbs (just so I can be in the 130’s – ha!) by August 18. What is August 18? Well, it is the date my husband & I go to Florida for 3-4 weeks. I want to look good in my swimsuit!

For the last three days I have walked 2.5 miles a day and have been eating fairly healthy. Today I gave into temptation and ate a gob. Yum! But I am back on track and will continue to stick to my 30-day Isagenix program. I am on my second round. The first round left me with a 10 pound weight loss. Hopefully I can lose the 5.5 pounds I want by my goal date. Wish me luck!

May 18, 2012 Update

Well, my last post was about two months ago. I have another blog going on. This one is more personal and I have finally found the courage to write about my weight.

Since March I have had knee surgery. The doctor did an arthroscopic knee surgery and scraped some scar tissue & cut and removed my Plica band (you can google it). That was three weeks ago. My knee is slowly healing and I cannot exercise. At all. It swells with too much walking. The doctor said this is normal for the first 6 weeks or so. I am walking with a bit of a limp but it is getting better.

I really thought I would exercise and feel great but my knee is slowing me down. Our Ireland trip is coming up next month and I was feeling like I would be heavy forever. Right before my surgery I was back up to 152.4 lbs. When you cannot move, the calories really add up.

A bunch of some old friends from a high school youth group I attended in the 1990’s were posting photos of befores & afters on the Facebook accounts. They were losing weight and keeping it off with Isagenix.

I did some research and ordered the 30 day cleanse program for about $324. I just finished week 2 and have lost 7 pounds. I am down to 145.4 lbs. I haven’t been this low in years.

I have two weeks left on the program and am hoping to get to … yup … 142. This means I need to lose another 3.4 lbs. I am 5’8″ and feel best around the upper 130’s, lower 140’s. And I am almost there!

Want to know more about Isagenix? Here is a link to my second blog (only the Isagenix related posts):




In the last four months since I have posted, my life has been a bit of a roller coaster. This pertains to my job, my family and my weight. In November of 2011, I was down to 146. I had hopes of staying on track and continuing to lose a bit and hit my goal weight.

In December my husband & I both lost our jobs. We were not given any notice and it was done two weeks before Christmas. With both of us home our eating habits were not the best. Especially when I decided to bake hundreds of cookies for Christmas (since I now had the time).

In January and February my knee was acting up and I finally dragged myself to the doctor. He believed it to be a torn meniscus and in March I had a cortisone shot. With my knee so bad it hurt to walk and with the cold PA winters, I did not exercise at all for three solid months. And so my weight stayed around 150. Four or five pounds makes a big difference on my frame and I felt sluggish & blog-like.

In March my father-in-law had his shoulder replacement surgery. He is 86 years old and came out of surgery fine. Unfortunately the medicine is making him see and believe things that are not true and he is getting mean because of it. We are putting him in rehab today and hopefully as the medicine continues to wear off, he will become his normal loving, gentle self.

With eating at the hospital (they have a GREAT dining room) and with eating on the road, I thought my weight would be up today. But I was pleased to see the scale say 146.6.

My knee is feeling a bit better and the weather has been gorgeous. My husband & I are going to Ireland in June and I would love to be 142 (the weight I tell most people I am-ha!). That would mean losing 5 lbs over the next 2.5 months. It is a good goal for me. This would mean better eating while on the road and more walking. I will try to be better about posting updates.