Blogging Away…

Hi! My name is Mellissa. Yup, two L’s and two S’s. I wasn’t born with the name. I changed it legally when I was 11. Why? Because I wanted to be different when I was 11. Didn’t most 11 year olds want to be different? Probably. So my name is Mellissa and everyone spells it incorrectly. And of course I could never find anything personalized at the stores with the name. So here I am…


I would state that “I have never done this before” but I think that sounds like a personal ad. And I am married. Happily married. I am married to the sweetest guy ever. Have I made you sick yet? He is one of those guys who works out and yet still loves to snuggle and talk. Didn’t know they made those kind, did you? We have been married 8 years.


I started this blog because I have no spine. My hubby says I have no will power. I truly don’t. If someone gives me Lindt chocolates, I eat them all. The other day we had a game night with a few friends. I bought Reeses cups & Hershey kisses to set out in bowls amongst the cookies. We had a ton left over and I put them in a baggie and asked the husband to hide them. He hid them in the closet…in plain view. So I went to hang something up and found them. And of course I ate about 5 (probably 10 but how sad is that?!?) of them. Then I told him to really hide them. No spine.


So, I thought if I blogged my struggles & boring life (I am really, truly boring) it would help me stay on track. Well…more on track. So there you go world (like the world is going to find this!!!). That is my reason for blogging. Boring but true.


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