Day 1

So today is “day 1” of my going to lose quest. I plan on losing…weight? I hate to actually admit that. To look at me, you would think I am slender and tall. But I actually have a lot of fat on me. It just sits well. So, what did I do different today? Not much. Can you lose weight without trying? If so, I am going to market this and make a billion trillion dollars.

I woke up at my normal time of 6:15am, got ready for work and ate a Fiber One bar. I love these bars – they keep me “regular”. 140 calories at 7:00am. I wake up starving almost every morning. This is a great thing to eat because it immediately calms my hunger.

In the office at 7:30am, then off to pour coffee at our breakfast meal. Here at the retirement community, the managers pour coffee at each meal. It allows us a chance to see & interact with the residents. And of course we get to eat. I ate a kiwi almond muffin at 8:30am which was on the small side and I limited myself to just one. That was probably another 150 calories. It was tiny tiny. Then back to work. I snacked on ham at 11:00am because again…soooo hungry. 300 calories? That is just a guess. The ham was left over from a Christmas meal we had. I ate it cold. Yum.
Then we again went to the dining room to pour coffee for dinner (most people call this meal lunch). I ate pot roast & a bit of a biscuit with a Romaine salad and a tablespoon of dressing. I decided quickly the biscuit wasn’t worth the calories. I’m guessing another 400 calories since the pot roast didn’t have any gravy and I only ate one piece. This was at 1:15pm or so.

Then I left the office around 4:30-5:15pm and went walking through the halls. And then ate a few pretzels & maybe 5 walnuts (150 calories).
Then supper at 6pm – I ate a 1/2 slice of pizza (the residents had Ladies Night in with pizza & beer) and a cheeseburger without the bun and another Romaine salad with 1 tbsp dressing. Just the beef & cheese really. So another 550 or so calories.

So my count until now is approx. 1700 rounded up. I will probably eat another granola bar before bed for a total of roughly 1850 calories. Not too bad for day one.
Looking back I need to stop eating so many granola bars. They are fairly good for you though and I never know what to eat besides that. I am not a vegetable eater and I hardly eat fruits. Perhaps I’ll try an apple next time. And of course the pizza is a no-no but it was soooooo yummy!

Bedtime is fast approaching. I’ll probably be asleep at 9:30pm since we lock up at 9pm & I have to cut my hubby’s hair tonight.


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