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Well, I haven’t posted in a while. Atleast a week I’m thinking. I had the stomach flu or a bug of some kind. The kind you want to die but eventually you are feeling better and are glad you are down a few pounds. Anyway…I weighed in at 149 yesterday. Yup…under 150! Again, I wouldn’t suggest catching a flu to lose weight. But, if I have to be sick it is a nice benefit.

It was my birthday this week. I turned 31. It seems so much older than 30! This morning I had two (yes, two!) donuts which was my “oops” moment of the week.

We are finishing the kitchen these next few days. I have spinach in the fridge to make a healthy salad tomorrow and a fake pizza (whole wheat pitas, pizza sauce & skim milk cheese) tonight with a movie. Since I still wasn’t feeling myself on my birthday, the pizza & a movie night is in place of a birthday meal.

I got some great gifts – my husband bought me a CD/AM/FM radio for the shower & a Givenchy Kabuki brush. My mom bought me a 10x magnification mirror (wow-my pores are huge!) and my sister’s gift is on the way.

I am guessing I will gain a bit of the weight back that I lost last week since I will be eating (and keeping down!) food. But hopefully I keep a pound or two off. I feel so much better at the lower weight. My new goal is 145 by April 1. This gives me about 2 months to lose 5 pounds. Not too bad of a goal.

We are going away again in July for three weeks & I would really love to be down to 142 (my ultimate goal weight!) by then. I really think it is possible since I am only 7 lbs away and really trying.


I cheated

Well, yesterday was not a good eating day. It all started with sticky buns in the morning. They weren’t even worth eating and I ate one.

Then I didn’t have anything until lunch due to it being a crazy day and I was shaking & feeling dizzy. I ate a piece of the yummiest bread. Not too bad. I had pork with it (no sauce).

Then last night was the Steelers game (last one before the super bowl!) and we had pizza here at the retirement community. My favorite chef’s pizza. Yum.

Saturday I weighed in at 152. Not bad. This morning I was 152.5 – 1/2 pound up from a slice of pizza & a sticky bun. I am thinking I will see the difference later in the week.

Tonight I turned down a super moist chocolate cake with super thick chocolate icing. And they had chocolate marshmellow ice cream to go with it. I seriously had the hardest time doing this!

Ham & Pillows

Today we came back to work. After our annual performance reviews this morning, I was soooo hungry. I had two granola bars and then it was lunch time. I had two pieces of ham. The first choice on Friday is always fish. The alternate was ham thank goodness because I was getting very shaky & dizzy. This happens to me when I don’t eat for a few hours. Something about my blood sugar. It happens to my mom too.

After lunch I had another granola bar for a mid-afternoon snack. Did I say I was going to cut down on bars? Well…It hasn’t happened yet.

For supper I had a cheeseburger with just the lower piece of bun. The top piece was a bit hard and I don’t really care for bread anyway. I figure I am up to around 1250 calories. I will go walking tonight and then eat a bit more before bed.

Nothing else special happening. Back to work means waking up entirely too early for my body. I called my doctor and left a few messages this past week. Even though I have been getting B12 injections for atleast a month every 5-7 days, I am still exhausted.

I mainly had a tough time going to bed last night because I threw out my beloved pillow. I have used my pillow for way too long of a time (I am embarrassed to say this…but years!). I am a firm believer in buying new mascara after a few months, toothbrushes at least every 6 months, etc. I usually throw out food the day before or on its expiration day. I shouldn’t be using the same pillow year after year but I could never find another I liked as much. It was foam but not memory foam. I bought four pillows off of QVC that were a deluxe memory foam. My husband adores them but I cannot use them. The foam finally started to go flat and I decided to just throw it out at home yesterday.

The new pillow is a bit too hard. I am like Goldilocks in that I need an exact softness/hardness factor in my pillow. My husband has four and so I will try one of his tonight.

Today was weigh-in day for the Weight Race. I try using the scale at work since it shows me a bit higher than at home. I weighed in at 152.5lbs here. I am expecting to have a great eating/walking week so I will keep this blog posted this week.

Found out by my husband

My husband is one of the best guys ever. Seriously – I couldn’t think of a better man for me. So, this morning he was taking out the garbage. We are only two people but we have a TON of garbage – probably three cans a week for the week we are home. This time it was due to re-doing the kitchen and getting rid of almost expired items in the baking cabinets.

We have four bedrooms and a garbage in each one of those & the kitchen. And each of the three bathrooms. He went around collecting them & got around to the bathroom. Well, guess who was dumb enough to leave their Alli box there? ME! I really didn’t want him to know about it. But, I am found out. He didn’t make a big deal about it. Just asked “Oh- what is this Alli box doing in here” with a little chuckle. Silly husband.

I didn’t weigh myself today. I am thinking weighing myself every day may not be a good idea. So I skipped today. I feel heavier but it may be because I ate pizza again last night. I found these mini pizza crusts, pizza sauce & low fat cheese and each one has less than 400 calories and just under 15 fat grams. Alli allows up to 15 fat grams per meal. Usually this is not even close to being a problem, but with pizza I have to watch it.
Day two on Alli and I haven’t experienced any of the symptoms (thankfully). Tomorrow I go back to work so hopefully they don’t start then. Since I live & work at the same place, my bathroom is just steps from the office. So it won’t be a huge deal to run to the bathroom if I feel something coming on.


The kitchen re-do is going really, really well. One of the better projects. Usually with a project I set a date in my head. My husband knows I do this and tells me not too because sometimes it is out of my hands to get it done. This time it was in my hands and I finished an amazing amount of work. All the cabinets have been primed twice, painted twice. All the doors are primed twice (both sides) and the drawers are done and have hardware in them! I contact-papered the shelves with a basic white and it looks great. Everything is back in place and out of our laundry room.


My counter top paint is on the way and will be done next time we are home. It needs a long time to dry so we will give it the following week. I am hoping to get the cabinet doors painted and done. And hopefully get a start to the back splash. My mom & sister are staying with us on Feb. 11 and this gives us just one week off to finish or make it close to perfect before they come.

We also don’t have a stove yet. Since I do some (not a lot) of cooking while they are here, it may be a super challenge to have them here with no stove. Hopefully we get one in time. People on Craigslist are looking for $300 for a stove. We can buy a brand new one for $359 (after the 10% off coupon) at Home Depot. We checked while we were there yesterday.
Tomorrow is the day to weigh in for the Weight Race at work. So I will also post my weight here.

How many times can I say “ugh”?

Well, it is Jan. 19 which means I am on day 19 or my “I’m trying to eat better & work out” plan. I weighed in this morning at 152lbs on my Wii. And my Wii is saying stuff like “you skipped working out yesterday, what happened?”. It is kind of making me feel bad…which I guess is not a bad thing. I haven’t been working out at all due to the craziness with the kitchen.

Friday we got off work and I slept. Saturday & Sunday (after church), I painted paneling. Monday & Tuesday (yesterday), I primed & painted the cabinets. Today and tomorrow will be working on the cabinet doors. I have been eating a bit better though. Perhaps that is why I am still a few pounds lighter.
Yesterday at Wal-Mart (one of my least favorite stores but we don’t have a Super Target within an hour’s drive), I purchased Alli. I realize it is for people who are overweight and I don’t really classify as overweight. But I feel heavy for me. I still fit into my 6/8 (6 on top, 8 on bottom usually) clothes, but I just feel “ugh” or “blah”. I took one with today’s granola bar. I started today since I have off today & tomorrow and they warn you that it may effect you oddly. It even says to wear a panty liner. Gross!

But for every 10 pounds you take off, it will help you lose another 5 pounds. So far I’ve lost 3 lbs since Jan. 1 and if I would have been on Alli, I would have lost another 1.5 lbs. Not bad. So hopefully I can remember to take it with my more fattening meals of the day. And try to not let my husband know. I don’t think he would care really but I don’t feel I’m justified to take Alli since I don’t try as hard as I should most days.

So today I’ll stay close to home (except a trip to Home Depot for a light & some other small things) and see how I do. I’ll let you all know (all meaning no one).

Painting the Kitchen

Today we are starting a major renovation on our kitchen. Our home (which I adore) was built in the early 1980s. It was a 3-bedroom, 1.5 bathroom which we have been remodeling since moving in and is now a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home. We love our home and since we are away from it for a week at a time, it makes it more special to be here. We bought new (well…newer) appliances from Craigslist and are painting our kitchen cabinets and paneling. We are also installing a glass tile backsplash and re-doing the counter tops. Since our kitchen is a huge space, our house is again a mess. Everything was pulled out of the cabinets and the appliances were moved. Everything is everywhere.
But, I didn’t allow anything to be put in front of the Nintendo Wii since I will continue to work out while I am painting & working. Today I weighed in at 150.5 lbs. Since starting, I lost 4.5 lbs. That was 13 days ago. I am amazed. I have been trying MUCH harder to not eat desserts nor bread and it is paying off. I feel lighter too. My goal has been moved to 145 lbs by the end of March. This will give me about 2.5 months (10 weeks) to lose another 5.5 lbs. That should be do-able.


Not having a stove will be another challenge. I plan on eating a lot of Tyson pre-cooked chicken and perhaps some soups. I normally don’t do soups but I don’t know what else to make for myself in the microwave.
Yesterday started our week “off” and we came home and napped 3 hours. Then I slept 11 hours last night. My B12 is still dangerously low, even after a month of B12 injections every 5-7 days and my iron is also low (it has been for atleast 1/2 of my life). Today I feel great & well rested. This is a major blessing for me since this hardly ever happens. You know the feeling you get where you could just lay down wherever you are and sleep? That you are too tired to move from your spot to even go to bed? I feel like that almost all the time. I put on a  great show at work and pretend to have energy and smile but really I am exhausted. So feeling awake and refreshed today makes me want to do everything I can to get my health back.


That is all for today. I am feeling too great to sit at the computer!

Snow and Corn

So yesterday I didn’t get a chance to post. I am THAT busy sometimes. Mostly Mondays & Tuesdays. This morning was nuts. So nuts that I didn’t have time to pee for hours.

Today the northeast is getting hit with (supposedly) a ton of snow. We are never sure since the weatherman says 4-6″ and then we get two feet or he says 6-12 and we get 2″. It just depends. I would say we have about 4″ on the ground now and it is still falling. With that comes the fun of trying to run a retirement community without housekeeping or servers. It hasn’t happened yet today and I hope it doesn’t happen tomorrow. We have a great staff here…they went as far as sleeping in the building with last February’s snow storm. That way they would be here to cook & serve. Since we live on-site, we have no problems being here and try to help whereever we can. We have helped serve, clean dishes, clean apartments and even helped cook for a few meals. I don’t think we will have to go that far this time.

Yesterday I had a few granola bars, a piece of bread for lunch and then BBQ ribs (really just pork chops cut up & put in BBQ sauce) for supper. So I broke the bread rule. No desserts, no bread. Yesterday they served meatloaf or some kind of fish thing. I don’t do either. Meatloaf creeps me out a bit. I know, I am weird. I don’t like foods mixed together. If they are mixed, I have to be able to pick out what is in them. For example, I like cheeseburgers because I can identify the cheese, meat & bun. But I don’t do most soups since you cannot really tell what is floating around in them. So, no meatloaf. And of course I don’t do any (really, any) seafood. That left mashed potatoes or bread. I chose bread because if I am going to cheat, I am going with the item I like the most. Bread with butter. Yum!

Today I did a bit better. I had a granola bar, then a banana, then a granola bar. For lunch I had a salad (really just lettuce with two black olives) and less than a teaspoon of Italian dressing. We had this weird chicken thing today which was called “Country Captain Chicken” and was a white chicken breast with some kind of red sauce, almonds, chunks of tomatos and raisins on top. Very strange. Thankfully they had corn because the alternate wasn’t too appealing either. So I had corn. Yum!

Then a few pretzels and then a cheeseburger without the top half of the bun for supper. I  am thinking I may have another banana or more pretzels before bed but that is it for today. I weighed in at 153.5 this morning. Not bad but not great. I hope to be 152.5 by Friday.