Ramen Noodles

One of my many, many, weaknesses is “oodles of noodles”. My sister & I loved them in kids, I lived off of them in college and even now -at the age of almost 31 – I still love them. My tastes haven’t changed that much. I still love cold pizza any time of day, I eat candy bars for supper, I love snacking on cheese & black olives and adore mac-n-cheese out of the box. I still detest most vegetables and things that are good for you.


I have been trying to watch what I eat more closely. Today my weak link was Ramen noodles. Yum! But after a day of blueberries, skim-milk low-fat cheese (yuck), almonds and chicken, I think I deserved a little treat. And we didn’t have pizza in the house.


This past Friday I weighed in (again) at 154lbs. I really thought it would be a bit lower since I tried for a few days before getting on the scale. I weigh in every Friday and today is only Sunday. So I have almost all week to watch what I eat.
Tomorrow I have to go shopping about 45 minutes from my home. This is the closest Target and I adore Target. So I will have to eat out or bring a lunch. We don’t have much to pack so I will be eating Taco Bell. Hopefully I can limit myself to two soft tacos and skip the cheesy nachos.


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