Too Early To Be Up

I am titling this one too early to be up since it is just before 7am and I’ve been up for 45 minutes. I’m going shopping today and I may have been too excited to sleep. My mom will testify that I have done this since I’ve been a young child.
If I had something fun going on at school or had a new outfit, I couldn’t sleep. I was one of those kids that loved school. I would wake up sometime during the night & put on the new outfit and just lay straight until morning. If my mom found out, she would make me (and usually my sister who I roped into also getting changed) change into something else in the morning.


So today I am shopping at Goodwill. I love thrift shops. I know that some have odd scents and clothing needs to obviously be washed before wearing but I find awesome things at thrift shops. I have found everything from Chanel pants,  DVDs I kept meaning to buy and about 80% of my wardrobe. Also, I sell on ebay and have sold since around 2002. I use to do this full-time and did well with it for two years. Since going back to work in 2008, I only sell as a hobby and to keep my own wardrobe fresh.


Then off to TJ Maxx since I have a gift card from my dad (thanks Dad!). I hope to buy a new mirror for our 1/2 bathroom. We’ll see what I found.


And finally I am meeting a woman from Craigslist who has a Wii Fit board & game as well as some Wii accessories for sale. I recently purchased a Wii (finally!) from Craigslist and have no games (loooong story I won’t bore you with since I am already oh-so-boring).


So that is my day. I’m really looking forward to going out by myself and just enjoying the day.


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