I purchased a Wii on Craigslist back in November. After a month of having the lady lie to me, I finally received it on Dec. 24 – six weeks after I purchased it. Anyway…I got a good deal. Or so I thought until I opened up the package and instead of the two games mentioned…I got NO games. This is why you don’t buy things from Craigslist over the internet. You go & look at them. But she was an hour away (in the wrong direction) and was so good at emailing back in the beginning. So, I paid for just the Wii & one remote. She said she is going to send me a $15 refund (yeah, right) and the two games if she finds them. I’m not holding my breath.


So I purchased the regular Sports game & another controller off ebay for $30. And today I met a wonderfully nice lady from Craigslist who had the Fit board, game & some other things (other things are to resell and make money from). I paid $105 for the lot and the “other things” should go for $50-$70 after ebay fees. So I made out pretty well on today’s pick up.


I got home and spent about 2 hours on the Fit board. What fun! My sense of balance is horrible and I stink at most of the games. I found out I had a normal BMI (which I knew) and working out is much more fun when you turn it into a video game. I can totally see myself getting into this. I have hopes of losing 5lbs in 12 weeks on my Wii. This kind of corresponds with the Weight Race at work which I said I want to lose 7 lbs in 12 weeks. So somewhere between 5-7 is the goal for the next three months. This may work well (if I lose the weight!) since we are vacationing in FL for most of the summer and our first one is in May or July (not sure yet).


Onto the bad news. I ate at McD’s this morning. But, I skipped Taco Bell. But…I had a Godiva chocolate bar. So, let us recap. I’m supposed to be trying to stay fit (okay…get fit) and lose a bit of weight. And on Day 3 of the New Year, I ate a McGriddle with cheese and a chocolateĀ  bar. Darn. I have too many temptations around. Fast food draws me in all the time. Has anyone had a McGriddle? They are soooo good. I had a sausage, cheese McGriddle (without the egg, because we wouldn’t want to make it healthy, would we?). Total yum. The chocolate bar I definitely should have skipped though. It was at the TJ Maxx register. I had passed all of the yummy Christmas candy that was on clearance and almost made it.


There is always tomorrow. Can we make tomorrow the start of the New Year???


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