Hungry & Tired

I have no idea of what day this is of my blog and do not care. I didn’t think having a (secret) blog would be so much fun. I am eating better and trying harder because I know that I have to write it down. I have kept a food journal before but it has just been on paper. I realize no one is reading this but just having it go out into “cyber space” (ha!) makes it a bit more scary. Like someone is judging me (judge away).

Last night I walked for 35 minutes using my new New Balance fitness shoes which I really love. They aren’t the rocker style that so many companies are making. But the back of my quads are sore afterwards so I know they are doing something. Or maybe I’m just hoping they do something.

Then I was super hungry (again) and had a granola bar. I fell asleep at 10ish and then woke up hungry at 11ish. So I had another 1/2 of a granola bar then. And then went back to bed until 5am and then back to bed until 6:15am. It was a terrible night’s sleep. Which is odd for me since I have very low iron (I am anemic & have thalassemia-the minor “beta” kind since I am Greek & Italian) and an extremely low B12 level (I get injections every week). This makes me extremely tired almost all the time and so I usually sleep well.

I go back for more blood work next time I have off so we will see what else they can find. My body’s immune system is not great either since I tend to catch every cold and virus out there and I bruise super easy. I bruise from the injections so my arms are dotted with bruises. Thank goodness it is winter and I can cover them up.

Today I have had a granola bar at 7:15am and then tried the egg thing this morning for breakfast. It sounds good – cheddar cheese sprinkled on top of an egg & potato square omelet. Good, right? Well I was disppointed to find onions lurking amoungst the omelet. I detest onions. So I scraped off some of the cheese & now am hungry.

That is my life – hungry & tired. These are the two words that most describe me. And I’m only 30!


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