Is Spaghetti Fat-Free?

So we are back to work. My husband & I manage a retirement community like I have said before. So when we go back to work, we are there for a week straight. 24/7 – we live on-site in a small (very small) apartment. We like working together and enjoy our time & schedule (week off, week on, etc).

One of the many perks is that all our food is made for us by a chef. Since we open the office at 7:30am and close the doors at 9pm, we would never have time to cook nor clean. The building has three chefs that make food for our residents & employees. Doesn’t that sound great? You would think (like I did) that you could eat healthier if you had more healthy choices, right? But we don’t get many choices and there are always home made desserts for the lunch & supper meals.

The breakfast menu is hot & cold cereals, fruits & juices, made to order eggs, bacon & toast. If you wanted to eat healthy, you could eat plain oatmeal, a banana and a bit of eggs. And that would be easy the first day. But then the next day is fresh cinnamon rolls instead of bacon. Or banana pancakes with warm maple syrup. Or donuts with chocolate and sprinkles. See…it gets harder and harder.

We call lunch “dinner” here. I guess it is a Southern thing or an elderly person thing. Not sure. So there is always a tossed salad with many dressings, cottage cheese and apple sauce and a salad of the day (sometimes spinach, other times Jell-O). And then the main meal. We have two choices. Today was baked cod (I detest fish), scalloped potatoes, lima beans and carrots. The alternate was ham. Sometimes I don’t eat the alternate either. And then I just go with a starch. So today I had one piece of ham. That was all. Oh – and there is always fresh bread…which is more of a struggle than the dessert sometimes. And then the dessert cart. The cart has about 5 different ice cream choices and a special. The special today was apple crisp. I can avoid the apple crisp. But sometimes it is soooo yummy looking. It is hard to turn down dessert 2x a day, 7 days a week.

But I did today! So I had a granola bar at 7am, then another at 11am. I didn’t have anything breakfast from the chef. And then I had a piece of ham at 1:15pm and then had another piece of ham at 4pm.

That brings me to supper. Every night we have soup (which is usually easy for me to turn down since I have this thing about not liking mixed items-I know…weird) and a main course (again with an alternate) and another dessert. Today we had spaghetti and marinara sauce. And mozzarella garlic bread. I do not know how, but I turned down the bread. I did have spaghetti since the alternate was hot dogs & beans and I also cannot stand hot dogs. This was at 6:15pm. I was super hungry by this time so I ate about a cup and a half of spaghetti. I am going to say this was atleast 50% more than I should have eaten. But it was yummy.

So that was my eating day so far. Not bad but not great. For dessert (ha!) later, I will choose carrot sticks and a bit of ranch dressing or another granola bar.
And I plan on walking atleast 1/2 hour tonight while talking to my mom on the phone. I left my Wii at home for next week so I have to walk – old fashion style.

And as planned…my weight. I weighed in at 155 today. (sigh) On Monday my weight gets entered into the Weight Race for the first time so I am hoping to be down a bit (maybe 153 …fingers crossed) then.


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