Jan. 9

Well, I slept really, really soundly last night. Thank goodness since the night before was awful. Today seems like it will be a good day. It is a Sunday which means it is usually quiet here at the retirement community. Most outsiders would guess the office is closed (we are open 24/7 though) and most residents spend time with relatives or friends. We have three reserved tables today in the dining room which means at least 3 residents will have guests. This is a normal thing on the weekends.

Today I had a Fiber One granola bar at 7:15am, then had a piece of Sugar-Free banana bread for breakfast. The regular option was a danish with cheese, cherries (yum!) or apples in the middle. It was one of those pre-packaged danishes that I gravitate towards. I thought the freshly made banana bread with no sugar would be a better option. I cut off the crusts (I don’t do crusts on anything) and it was pretty good. So that was at 8:30ish.

I had a banana at 10:15 and am hungry again at only 10:30. I will go eat a piece of ham (not the deli style but actual baked ham) at 11am for my mid-morning meal. On today’s menu is roasted turkey and stuffing with squash and brussel sprouts with bacon. I don’t eat any of that. I try to eat turkey at Thanksgiving with a lot of gravy but I don’t really like turkey. I’m not sure why since I love chicken.

So we will see what the alternate is. Hopefully something good and not fish. So far so good. I am a bit proud of myself. Since the McDonald’s/Godiva chocolate incident last Tuesday, I have been really good.

I didn’t walk last night since I was truly wiped so I will have to go tonight. I only allow myself two nights off a week and I took one last night.


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