Snow and Corn

So yesterday I didn’t get a chance to post. I am THAT busy sometimes. Mostly Mondays & Tuesdays. This morning was nuts. So nuts that I didn’t have time to pee for hours.

Today the northeast is getting hit with (supposedly) a ton of snow. We are never sure since the weatherman says 4-6″ and then we get two feet or he says 6-12 and we get 2″. It just depends. I would say we have about 4″ on the ground now and it is still falling. With that comes the fun of trying to run a retirement community without housekeeping or servers. It hasn’t happened yet today and I hope it doesn’t happen tomorrow. We have a great staff here…they went as far as sleeping in the building with last February’s snow storm. That way they would be here to cook & serve. Since we live on-site, we have no problems being here and try to help whereever we can. We have helped serve, clean dishes, clean apartments and even helped cook for a few meals. I don’t think we will have to go that far this time.

Yesterday I had a few granola bars, a piece of bread for lunch and then BBQ ribs (really just pork chops cut up & put in BBQ sauce) for supper. So I broke the bread rule. No desserts, no bread. Yesterday they served meatloaf or some kind of fish thing. I don’t do either. Meatloaf creeps me out a bit. I know, I am weird. I don’t like foods mixed together. If they are mixed, I have to be able to pick out what is in them. For example, I like cheeseburgers because I can identify the cheese, meat & bun. But I don’t do most soups since you cannot really tell what is floating around in them. So, no meatloaf. And of course I don’t do any (really, any) seafood. That left mashed potatoes or bread. I chose bread because if I am going to cheat, I am going with the item I like the most. Bread with butter. Yum!

Today I did a bit better. I had a granola bar, then a banana, then a granola bar. For lunch I had a salad (really just lettuce with two black olives) and less than a teaspoon of Italian dressing. We had this weird chicken thing today which was called “Country Captain Chicken” and was a white chicken breast with some kind of red sauce, almonds, chunks of tomatos and raisins on top. Very strange. Thankfully they had corn because the alternate wasn’t too appealing either. So I had corn. Yum!

Then a few pretzels and then a cheeseburger without the top half of the bun for supper. I  am thinking I may have another banana or more pretzels before bed but that is it for today. I weighed in at 153.5 this morning. Not bad but not great. I hope to be 152.5 by Friday.


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