How many times can I say “ugh”?

Well, it is Jan. 19 which means I am on day 19 or my “I’m trying to eat better & work out” plan. I weighed in this morning at 152lbs on my Wii. And my Wii is saying stuff like “you skipped working out yesterday, what happened?”. It is kind of making me feel bad…which I guess is not a bad thing. I haven’t been working out at all due to the craziness with the kitchen.

Friday we got off work and I slept. Saturday & Sunday (after church), I painted paneling. Monday & Tuesday (yesterday), I primed & painted the cabinets. Today and tomorrow will be working on the cabinet doors. I have been eating a bit better though. Perhaps that is why I am still a few pounds lighter.
Yesterday at Wal-Mart (one of my least favorite stores but we don’t have a Super Target within an hour’s drive), I purchased Alli. I realize it is for people who are overweight and I don’t really classify as overweight. But I feel heavy for me. I still fit into my 6/8 (6 on top, 8 on bottom usually) clothes, but I just feel “ugh” or “blah”. I took one with today’s granola bar. I started today since I have off today & tomorrow and they warn you that it may effect you oddly. It even says to wear a panty liner. Gross!

But for every 10 pounds you take off, it will help you lose another 5 pounds. So far I’ve lost 3 lbs since Jan. 1 and if I would have been on Alli, I would have lost another 1.5 lbs. Not bad. So hopefully I can remember to take it with my more fattening meals of the day. And try to not let my husband know. I don’t think he would care really but I don’t feel I’m justified to take Alli since I don’t try as hard as I should most days.

So today I’ll stay close to home (except a trip to Home Depot for a light & some other small things) and see how I do. I’ll let you all know (all meaning no one).


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