Found out by my husband

My husband is one of the best guys ever. Seriously – I couldn’t think of a better man for me. So, this morning he was taking out the garbage. We are only two people but we have a TON of garbage – probably three cans a week for the week we are home. This time it was due to re-doing the kitchen and getting rid of almost expired items in the baking cabinets.

We have four bedrooms and a garbage in each one of those & the kitchen. And each of the three bathrooms. He went around collecting them & got around to the bathroom. Well, guess who was dumb enough to leave their Alli box there? ME! I really didn’t want him to know about it. But, I am found out. He didn’t make a big deal about it. Just asked “Oh- what is this Alli box doing in here” with a little chuckle. Silly husband.

I didn’t weigh myself today. I am thinking weighing myself every day may not be a good idea. So I skipped today. I feel heavier but it may be because I ate pizza again last night. I found these mini pizza crusts, pizza sauce & low fat cheese and each one has less than 400 calories and just under 15 fat grams. Alli allows up to 15 fat grams per meal. Usually this is not even close to being a problem, but with pizza I have to watch it.
Day two on Alli and I haven’t experienced any of the symptoms (thankfully). Tomorrow I go back to work so hopefully they don’t start then. Since I live & work at the same place, my bathroom is just steps from the office. So it won’t be a huge deal to run to the bathroom if I feel something coming on.


The kitchen re-do is going really, really well. One of the better projects. Usually with a project I set a date in my head. My husband knows I do this and tells me not too because sometimes it is out of my hands to get it done. This time it was in my hands and I finished an amazing amount of work. All the cabinets have been primed twice, painted twice. All the doors are primed twice (both sides) and the drawers are done and have hardware in them! I contact-papered the shelves with a basic white and it looks great. Everything is back in place and out of our laundry room.


My counter top paint is on the way and will be done next time we are home. It needs a long time to dry so we will give it the following week. I am hoping to get the cabinet doors painted and done. And hopefully get a start to the back splash. My mom & sister are staying with us on Feb. 11 and this gives us just one week off to finish or make it close to perfect before they come.

We also don’t have a stove yet. Since I do some (not a lot) of cooking while they are here, it may be a super challenge to have them here with no stove. Hopefully we get one in time. People on Craigslist are looking for $300 for a stove. We can buy a brand new one for $359 (after the 10% off coupon) at Home Depot. We checked while we were there yesterday.
Tomorrow is the day to weigh in for the Weight Race at work. So I will also post my weight here.


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