Ham & Pillows

Today we came back to work. After our annual performance reviews this morning, I was soooo hungry. I had two granola bars and then it was lunch time. I had two pieces of ham. The first choice on Friday is always fish. The alternate was ham thank goodness because I was getting very shaky & dizzy. This happens to me when I don’t eat for a few hours. Something about my blood sugar. It happens to my mom too.

After lunch I had another granola bar for a mid-afternoon snack. Did I say I was going to cut down on bars? Well…It hasn’t happened yet.

For supper I had a cheeseburger with just the lower piece of bun. The top piece was a bit hard and I don’t really care for bread anyway. I figure I am up to around 1250 calories. I will go walking tonight and then eat a bit more before bed.

Nothing else special happening. Back to work means waking up entirely too early for my body. I called my doctor and left a few messages this past week. Even though I have been getting B12 injections for atleast a month every 5-7 days, I am still exhausted.

I mainly had a tough time going to bed last night because I threw out my beloved pillow. I have used my pillow for way too long of a time (I am embarrassed to say this…but years!). I am a firm believer in buying new mascara after a few months, toothbrushes at least every 6 months, etc. I usually throw out food the day before or on its expiration day. I shouldn’t be using the same pillow year after year but I could never find another I liked as much. It was foam but not memory foam. I bought four pillows off of QVC that were a deluxe memory foam. My husband adores them but I cannot use them. The foam finally started to go flat and I decided to just throw it out at home yesterday.

The new pillow is a bit too hard. I am like Goldilocks in that I need an exact softness/hardness factor in my pillow. My husband has four and so I will try one of his tonight.

Today was weigh-in day for the Weight Race. I try using the scale at work since it shows me a bit higher than at home. I weighed in at 152.5lbs here. I am expecting to have a great eating/walking week so I will keep this blog posted this week.


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