Well, I haven’t posted in a while. Atleast a week I’m thinking. I had the stomach flu or a bug of some kind. The kind you want to die but eventually you are feeling better and are glad you are down a few pounds. Anyway…I weighed in at 149 yesterday. Yup…under 150! Again, I wouldn’t suggest catching a flu to lose weight. But, if I have to be sick it is a nice benefit.

It was my birthday this week. I turned 31. It seems so much older than 30! This morning I had two (yes, two!) donuts which was my “oops” moment of the week.

We are finishing the kitchen these next few days. I have spinach in the fridge to make a healthy salad tomorrow and a fake pizza (whole wheat pitas, pizza sauce & skim milk cheese) tonight with a movie. Since I still wasn’t feeling myself on my birthday, the pizza & a movie night is in place of a birthday meal.

I got some great gifts – my husband bought me a CD/AM/FM radio for the shower & a Givenchy Kabuki brush. My mom bought me a 10x magnification mirror (wow-my pores are huge!) and my sister’s gift is on the way.

I am guessing I will gain a bit of the weight back that I lost last week since I will be eating (and keeping down!) food. But hopefully I keep a pound or two off. I feel so much better at the lower weight. My new goal is 145 by April 1. This gives me about 2 months to lose 5 pounds. Not too bad of a goal.

We are going away again in July for three weeks & I would really love to be down to 142 (my ultimate goal weight!) by then. I really think it is possible since I am only 7 lbs away and really trying.


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