In the last four months since I have posted, my life has been a bit of a roller coaster. This pertains to my job, my family and my weight. In November of 2011, I was down to 146. I had hopes of staying on track and continuing to lose a bit and hit my goal weight.

In December my husband & I both lost our jobs. We were not given any notice and it was done two weeks before Christmas. With both of us home our eating habits were not the best. Especially when I decided to bake hundreds of cookies for Christmas (since I now had the time).

In January and February my knee was acting up and I finally dragged myself to the doctor. He believed it to be a torn meniscus and in March I had a cortisone shot. With my knee so bad it hurt to walk and with the cold PA winters, I did not exercise at all for three solid months. And so my weight stayed around 150. Four or five pounds makes a big difference on my frame and I felt sluggish & blog-like.

In March my father-in-law had his shoulder replacement surgery. He is 86 years old and came out of surgery fine. Unfortunately the medicine is making him see and believe things that are not true and he is getting mean because of it. We are putting him in rehab today and hopefully as the medicine continues to wear off, he will become his normal loving, gentle self.

With eating at the hospital (they have a GREAT dining room) and with eating on the road, I thought my weight would be up today. But I was pleased to see the scale say 146.6.

My knee is feeling a bit better and the weather has been gorgeous. My husband & I are going to Ireland in June and I would love to be 142 (the weight I tell most people I am-ha!). That would mean losing 5 lbs over the next 2.5 months. It is a good goal for me. This would mean better eating while on the road and more walking. I will try to be better about posting updates.


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