I made it – 142 lbs.

Well…the scale officially read 142.4 lbs a few weeks ago. I was absolutely thrilled! I haven’t been this light in about 6 years.

My husband & I went to Ireland and we just got back. Over the 2 weeks or so, I gained back 3 pounds. Not bad considering Ireland doesn’t have a lot of the “healthy” food I eat. I couldn’t find pre-made grilled chicken nor could I find raw spinach leaves for salad. Seriously…simple stuff was hard to find over there. And so I ate a lot of potatoes and pasta.

My new goal is 139.9 lbs (just so I can be in the 130’s – ha!) by August 18. What is August 18? Well, it is the date my husband & I go to Florida for 3-4 weeks. I want to look good in my swimsuit!

For the last three days I have walked 2.5 miles a day and have been eating fairly healthy. Today I gave into temptation and ate a gob. Yum! But I am back on track and will continue to stick to my 30-day Isagenix program. I am on my second round. The first round left me with a 10 pound weight loss. Hopefully I can lose the 5.5 pounds I want by my goal date. Wish me luck!


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