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3 Years Later

I just remembered that I have this blog. Three years later. And to my surprise I remembered my log in information. That never happens.

So, here is a recap of the last three years.

-I hurt my knee & had three surgeries.

-After the 3rd surgery I was diagnosed with CRPS.

-I slowly stopped ebay since I couldn’t walk far.

-The CRPS spread to all four limbs.

-A lot of treatments

-Celebrating our 12, 13 & 14th year anniversaries!

-I turned 36

-I came to the conclusion that my diet directly affected my health and gave up milk in any form.

-More recently (about 3 months ago), I gave up processed foods & sugars. I gave up diet soda and anything artificial.

-I now eat raw fruit, raw veggies, raw nuts, raw seeds, extra virgin coconut or olive oil, raw local honey & organic chicken. That is about all. And it has helped with some of my pain.

-My father-in-law passed away.

-We sold his home.

-My sister got married at the justice of the peace! (I weighed about 155lbs at the time)

-I shut down my ebay store.

-We sold our home.

-My sister had a “real” wedding and reception. (I weighed about 132lbs at the time)

-We rented a home on my favorite island in the world for 6 months.

-My husband is now a retirement community singer and is booked almost solid for the next year.

-We found a villa just 8 miles from my favorite beach in the US and moved.

-Disability due to the CRPS.

-Treatment after treatment failed including the most recent one in January. That one left me with a depersonalization disorder & panic attacks. Yup, fun stuff.

-My weight has now settled around 135-140lbs thanks to eating healthy.

I think that brings “you” (or future me) up to date. I am still married to the most wonderful man who is encouraging and supporting me through life.