11/15/11 update

Just a quick update before I have to go to a meeting. I am weighing in at 146. Yippee!


10/28/11 Update

I ate 5 cupcakes over two days last week and so I thought I would have gained weight. They were the new Betty Crocker cupcakes with icing inside the cupcake. Yum, yum, yum. I made chocolate with a marshmallow filling. These may have been the world’s best cupcakes. Okay…now I am hungry for a cupcake.

Anyway, this morning I weighed myself and I was 148.5lbs. That is truly better than I expected.

I went to a website where I use to log my food so it counted calories. Back in 2007, I weighed in at 145 lbs. That was FOUR years ago and I am close to being the same. Just three more pounds to go. And I am hoping to get there by Thanksgiving – I have four weeks.  This time I am really trying though.

Updates will continue 🙂

October Update

It is October 20, 2011. I weighed in today and I was still 149. I kind of allowed myself to go this past summer & even into the autumn. We had two three-week vacations, one in July and another in September. It is hard to lose weight on vacation.

But for the past week I have been doing well. We are still at the retirement community and the food is still pretty yummy. Fresh bread and awesome desserts every day. This past Friday, I told myself I was going to start really trying again. Last week I walked about 2-3 miles every day and this week I allowed myself only ONE dessert for the entire week. It was a made-from-scratch cream puff in a light-as-air pastry shell with chocolate drizzle. Heaven! I past up chocolate ice cream sundaes, brownies, cherry pie and so much more. I am pretty proud of myself.

I was up to just past 150 at the beginning of the week and I am hoping to be around 148 by the end of the week. I am going to start posting more.

Tomorrow when we head back home for our week off, I am not going to buy items to tempt me. I’m going to say NO! to stuffed crust pizza (my weakness) and cheese. I will buy items that take a bit longer to make and items that are healthier for me.

Well…I’m going to try at least! 😉

Is it August already?

Well, I am holding pretty steady at 148. I go up a pound then down a pound but I’m doing well at 148.
We have another change about to happen -a  switch of jobs. This may either help me drop or gain weight. Change use to make me stressed which make me stop eating and I would quickly drop weight. As I get older I am looking forward to change and of course then I don’t lose anything.


I would still like to be 145 but since the goal has passed I need another goal. 143 by the end of September. I think this is quite doable.


Well, I haven’t posted in a while. Atleast a week I’m thinking. I had the stomach flu or a bug of some kind. The kind you want to die but eventually you are feeling better and are glad you are down a few pounds. Anyway…I weighed in at 149 yesterday. Yup…under 150! Again, I wouldn’t suggest catching a flu to lose weight. But, if I have to be sick it is a nice benefit.

It was my birthday this week. I turned 31. It seems so much older than 30! This morning I had two (yes, two!) donuts which was my “oops” moment of the week.

We are finishing the kitchen these next few days. I have spinach in the fridge to make a healthy salad tomorrow and a fake pizza (whole wheat pitas, pizza sauce & skim milk cheese) tonight with a movie. Since I still wasn’t feeling myself on my birthday, the pizza & a movie night is in place of a birthday meal.

I got some great gifts – my husband bought me a CD/AM/FM radio for the shower & a Givenchy Kabuki brush. My mom bought me a 10x magnification mirror (wow-my pores are huge!) and my sister’s gift is on the way.

I am guessing I will gain a bit of the weight back that I lost last week since I will be eating (and keeping down!) food. But hopefully I keep a pound or two off. I feel so much better at the lower weight. My new goal is 145 by April 1. This gives me about 2 months to lose 5 pounds. Not too bad of a goal.

We are going away again in July for three weeks & I would really love to be down to 142 (my ultimate goal weight!) by then. I really think it is possible since I am only 7 lbs away and really trying.

I cheated

Well, yesterday was not a good eating day. It all started with sticky buns in the morning. They weren’t even worth eating and I ate one.

Then I didn’t have anything until lunch due to it being a crazy day and I was shaking & feeling dizzy. I ate a piece of the yummiest bread. Not too bad. I had pork with it (no sauce).

Then last night was the Steelers game (last one before the super bowl!) and we had pizza here at the retirement community. My favorite chef’s pizza. Yum.

Saturday I weighed in at 152. Not bad. This morning I was 152.5 – 1/2 pound up from a slice of pizza & a sticky bun. I am thinking I will see the difference later in the week.

Tonight I turned down a super moist chocolate cake with super thick chocolate icing. And they had chocolate marshmellow ice cream to go with it. I seriously had the hardest time doing this!

Ham & Pillows

Today we came back to work. After our annual performance reviews this morning, I was soooo hungry. I had two granola bars and then it was lunch time. I had two pieces of ham. The first choice on Friday is always fish. The alternate was ham thank goodness because I was getting very shaky & dizzy. This happens to me when I don’t eat for a few hours. Something about my blood sugar. It happens to my mom too.

After lunch I had another granola bar for a mid-afternoon snack. Did I say I was going to cut down on bars? Well…It hasn’t happened yet.

For supper I had a cheeseburger with just the lower piece of bun. The top piece was a bit hard and I don’t really care for bread anyway. I figure I am up to around 1250 calories. I will go walking tonight and then eat a bit more before bed.

Nothing else special happening. Back to work means waking up entirely too early for my body. I called my doctor and left a few messages this past week. Even though I have been getting B12 injections for atleast a month every 5-7 days, I am still exhausted.

I mainly had a tough time going to bed last night because I threw out my beloved pillow. I have used my pillow for way too long of a time (I am embarrassed to say this…but years!). I am a firm believer in buying new mascara after a few months, toothbrushes at least every 6 months, etc. I usually throw out food the day before or on its expiration day. I shouldn’t be using the same pillow year after year but I could never find another I liked as much. It was foam but not memory foam. I bought four pillows off of QVC that were a deluxe memory foam. My husband adores them but I cannot use them. The foam finally started to go flat and I decided to just throw it out at home yesterday.

The new pillow is a bit too hard. I am like Goldilocks in that I need an exact softness/hardness factor in my pillow. My husband has four and so I will try one of his tonight.

Today was weigh-in day for the Weight Race. I try using the scale at work since it shows me a bit higher than at home. I weighed in at 152.5lbs here. I am expecting to have a great eating/walking week so I will keep this blog posted this week.